"Happy Valentines" from a rusty baby machine.

Protester Sachiko Morita and her 3-year-old daughter Min, stand next to a large chocolate in front of the Health Ministry in Tokyo on February 14, 2007, during a Valentine's Day protest rally against Health Minister Hakuo Yanagisawa, who described women as "birth-giving machines." The slogan on the chocolate reads, "We'll love you for resigning."

To add insult to injury here, another leading politician has spoken out against the women protesters by stating that they have "rusting pipes" which is why they are so upset with the "baby machine" comment. Toshiyuki Shimazaki said Thursday "Those old women whose machines are rusted are making a fuss." Ms. Morita doesn't look very old to me and had obviously put her machine to work 3 years ago.

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