I Read the News Today, Oh Boy.

Watching the morning news in Japan is somewhat unique, such that rather than reporting stories live, a commentator will hold up the day's Newspaper, show a closeup of a headline and photo and then read the story to you. I suspect that Salary-persons are too busy to read the paper themselves or their morning commute is so crowded, they can't turn the pages, so this is a more convenient method of getting the News.

So rather than call you up and read the story to you, I've opted to give you the choice of which items you'd care to view.

First up, is one of my recent obsessions about Comfort Women and a little Q&A session is offered.

Rather than educate young mothers in child care, it's so much easier to just dump unwanted babies in the "Baby Hatch" at your local hospital. Surprisingly, PM Abe disapproves.

Talking dictionaries that may make my job obsolete are all the rage. Why bother talking to an actual human when you have a handy little Electronic device?

And for a couple of Golden stories...

My favourite animator, Hiyao Miyazuki, has a new story about 金魚姫 (kingyo hime) called Goldfish Princess.

The Rakuten Golden Eagles don't start the regular season until month's end, so here's an update on the Overseas baseball players starting with my favourite, Ichiro Suzuki.

A 2 million$ gold bar was stolen from a Japanese museum. Shocking? Not really, considering there were no security measures such as sensors in place, in order that the public could touch the bar. The only guard on hand was a young tour guide who was roughly pushed aside as masked men carried off the ingot in broad daylight. Why not just put a sign out that reads, "Steal Me"?

And finally, when you're out souvenir shopping, why not opt for the Golden Poo (not Winnie) to give to your friends and family.

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