Happy April Fool's Eve.

Today is a very slow day, but tomorrow promises to be packed with parades & pranks. In what seems like an April Fool's Day joke, the Second Annual St. Patrick's Parade will be held tomorrow. Hopefully there'll be a better turnout than last year, but the weather may have an adverse effect on the outcome (it's really pissing down now, for instance.)

Contrary to what this site, April Fool's might have you believe, エイプリルフールデー is not a big event in Japan in general. In a survey taken, the following results were recorded:
Q1: Did you remember about April Fool this year? (Sample size=331)
Forgot it: 31.4%
Remembered it: (to Q2) 67.1%
Don’t know what April Fool is: 1.5%

Q2: What did you do for April Fools Day? (Sample size=222, multiple answer)
Told a little white lie to friends or family, face-to-face or by phone: 21
Told a little white lie to friends or family, by PC or mobile email: 9
Viewed an April Fool web site: 5
Published a little white lie on my blog or personal home page: 3
Participated in an April Fool web site: 1
Didn't do anything: 187

But the parade tomorrow is NOT a joke, so if you're downtown after 12:00, watch it, walk in it or just buy some Irish goodies.

Now if you happen to be near Kawasaki tomorrow, it's Willy time and you should go see the Festival of the Steel Phallus. I'll have some reporters in attendance, so I can give you a review later.

Have a Bonne Poisson d'Avril tomorrow!

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