You can't go home again.

I cameoed the following year in "The Sound of Mooing" There was a scene involving auditions for "Curtain Call" and I walked up on stage during this scene with few cast members knowing who I was or why I was there. I started singing the "Lumberjack Song" but the auditioner gave me Thumbs Down proclaiming, "Sorry, we're looking for new talent." No one on stage knew what was going on, but the audience sure knew who I was based on the amount of laughter.

The following year, an acquaintance, Marty Williams, editor of the Ontarion chatted me up in the pub one day while visiting. Apparently, he was writing that year's "Vet Side Story" and quoted a few lines of mine that he said inspired to him to join Curtain Call. He told me that he had written a character especially for me and asked if I would consider joining the cast. So, once again, I took a few courses and joined the cast. Unfortunately, I was the proverbial fish out of water and did not enjoy the time I spent there. I found the script to be in bad taste (coming from me, it had to be bad) and overall I regret ever joining them. There were some nice moments for my character, Cosmo Cosmetic had a few good lines and it was produced by Sheila Givens, the only carry-over from the old days and continual buddy. (We lost touch about 2-3 years ago, otherwise our friendship had lasted.)

I saw a several Curtain Calls annually for the next several years and was prominent in organizing a reunion in the 90's, but alas, it has lost its appeal today. I mean come on, they're actually using actual musicals, not writing spoofs!
How the mighty have fallen.

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