Oh, What a Tangled Net We Weave.

The Maple Leafs are in a bit of a pickle. We're in a 3-way tie for the 8th and final playoff spot and our next two games are against the toughest team in the League. What can one man do to aid in our fight against the Big Bad Buffalo Sabres? Let's start by posting a bunch of hockey related comic book covers and make sarcastic comments! That'll show 'em!

Anaheim Ducks are in the Western Division. Worry about them later...

There's a tactic we haven't tried yet...exploding pucks!
Add a nice big target to the goalie's chest and then strap him to the net. Hmmm. It might work.
Foxy babes in the Penalty box. Talk about your High Sticks!
Well, if you can't get the bimbos in the penalty box, here's the next best thing.
Is that Ty "Die" Conklin behind that mask?
Darcy "The Menace" Tucker may want to try this strategy.
Turk Broda helped lead the Leafs to a Stanley Cup win in 1942. Maybe he can do it again. What? He died in '72! Well, he still may be better than Raycroft!
Remember, stay out of the crease!
Let's go Number 2! (Snicker!)
When in doubt, call in Jingle Belle as a ringer.
And finally, a method that Raycroft may not have previously used to stop pucks...his ears!

Holy Hockey, Batman!

Bonus Pucks to the person who can tell me the significance of this post's title!

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