Seuss Rotolo.

Suze Rotolo was an ex-girlfriend of Bob Dylan and is necessary in order to make an obscure link to Dr. Seuss.

If you have any interest in hearing some works of Dr. Seuss to be sung in the style of Bob Dylan, than you need go no further than here.

My favourite is Green Eggs and Ham, because I used that book to teach my kiddies back when I lived in 相馬 (Soma ...the town, not the drug, though some would argue that they are both sleep-inducing).

One word of warning, Dylan-Seuss does get a bit monotonous, so it's best to put this on in the background while you're doing something else, like jack-hammering.

Now where can I get Seuss sung by Tom Waits or Neil Young?

An added treat, check out the video, you'll be glad you did:

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