Top Ten 10s...

This is supposed to be a list of the Top 10 Sexy Japanese Bikini Model Videos but I have a hard time choosing a favourite. Guaranteed, you will be frustrated trying to link to most of the videos because YouTube has deGooglified most of them.

This is supposed to be a list of the Top 10 beautiful Japanese female celebrities and again have fun trying to link to them. (I've given you one...藤原紀香 (Norika Fujiwara) because I saw her in a really cheesy action movie once.)

But the main list that I want to post is: The Top 10 Cute Women that have dated me more than once. This will be in no discernable order, nor will it be a "Kiss & Tell" expose for I neither want to offend the ladies nor boast of my conquests (mainly because I rarely get to first base, let alone come to bat!)

So here they are:

There's plenty more. Later...


NORI #7 said...


藤原紀香 translated is wrong.
Correctly,(Norik"a" Fujiwara)

Michael Jones said...

Thanks I corrected the spelling on "Norika", but at least I got the kanji right! Expect some more Top 10 ladies in the future!


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