Shibuya sights.

Saturday afternoon, I had lots of time to kill and these are a few of the more interesting scenes I saw.

As soon as I got off the train, I noticed this effigy of what might be Michael Jackson (though it's a little too dark to be him). It was a very popular meeting sight, and you didn't have to pay 4000$ to spend time with it.

These young lasses were striding down the street arm-in-arm with a photographer in tow and were gracious enough to pose for a photo. They claimed that they were "comediennes", though someone pointed out to me that they are more likely to be "companions".

While waiting for a lunch date, I popped into the Tsutaya across from the station and who should I see but this handsome fellow, Ryuk. デスノート ("Death Note) is a manga turned anime turned movie turned video game that I'd like to read/see/play but haven't gotten around to yet. It's just been released on DVD and boasts a pretty hefty price tag. (Of course all homemade Japanese dvd's are expensive, it's the imports that are the bargains!)

And these Frankenstein monster busts are two of several within this one restaurant. Unfortunately it wasn't open, so I can't provide a link, but I have eaten there. So if you'd like a place with some unusual decor, look for the place with the Karloffs near Shibuya Mark City.


NORI said...

wow! owsome!! Ryuk!!
so cool!

Michael Jones said...

Ryuk Rocks!


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