If you could Read My Mind .

A reader commented on my Gachapin entry that it makes an appearance in "The Killers" new video, "Read My Mind." My first reaction was, "Who the heck are "The Killers"? I know the Lancaster movie, but I didn't know it spawned a band. So, a little surfing and I came up with this:

Sure enough, there's Gachapin in all his glory. I liked the "Dancing Elvis", though this one looks younger than the one I saw 7 years ago in Tokyo (there were some buskers in Yoyogi Park who dressed up as Elvis and danced around to his music blaring from a Ghetto Blaster. I'll try and find a photo for you.) And the school kids in full regale playing with them in the park was apropos. I liked the drummer beating the drums of a Game Center Drum Machine and how they all retired into a Capsule Hotel at the end. (Though I've never stayed in a 3-storey one, only 2-storeys. My favourite is Capsule Land in Shibuya.)

Oh, and the music isn't too bad either!

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Tegan said...

Yup, that's the video I was thinking of. It's in heavy rotation on VH1, so I've seen it a few times now when I've got VH1 videos TiVoing in the background while I work (I'd TiVo the video hour for MTV, but I can't find any time they actually play music videos).


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