I gotta Rash, oh mon!

(That's a terrible heading, sorry.) The main reason I'm posting 羅生門 (Rashomon) is because I have never seen it and I can watch it at work tomorrow at my desk. Google rules for videos of a greater length than 20 min. but sometimes, one must pay the piper.

The novel, "Yabu No Naka" by Rymosuke Akutagawa, is creatively depicted on the screen in this Kurosawa film. It focuses on the principal characters who narrate conflicting versions of a single incident coloured by their individual perceptions and personalities. (You can read a translation of the story here.)

I can finally find out what Marge and Homer were talking about in this sequence from 30 Minutes over Tokyo:
Marge: "You liked Rashomon."
Homer: "That's not how I remember it."

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