Mmmmm. Cheesy goodness.

Sakura cheese (桜 which means "cherry") is a soft cheese created in Hokkaido, Japan. This cheese is a creamy white, and is flavored with mountain cherry leaves.

For cheese of another kind, we need to talk about a little flick called, "Ghost Rider".
Tangy & spicy...Eva Mendez or Gorgonzola (which I think is the name of one of the demons).
Full of holes...the plot or Swiss cheese.
Blue and Moldy...Johnny Blaze's character played by Nicolas Cage is blue throughout, much like Roquefort Cheese a semi-soft crumbly white cheese marbled with blue mold.
Piquant...Sam Elliot or the Canadian Oka from Quebec since 1893, Oka was first created by Benedictine Monks who emigrated from France. Sam's from California. Both are flavourful.
Pungent...like Limburger, Wes Bently really stunk up the place.

If you, like me, appreciate good cheese, then this movie will right up your alley. It's gouda for what ails you.

Nicolas Cage, jokes with Japanese entertainer Moto Fuyuki during a press conference in Tokyo on Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2007. In Tokyo to promote "Ghost Rider," which has just led a rush of new movies with a million box-office debut over the four-day President's Day weekend in the United States.

Now, it may have taken NA by storm, but on opening day yesterday for the 7pm show, a young couple and I were the only ones in the theatre. What follows is a description of the movie. If you really wanna know what it says, I can get it translated, but you either know the character or you don't. C'mon he's a freakin' flaming skeleton on a motorcycle...what more do you need to know?!?


Check Ghost Rider for more details and a trailer.

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