You never forget your first gay stalker.

Except I never met him and didn't learn about him until several years later. As a lowly chorus member, I played several characters, but my most memorable one was of the gay telegram messenger in My Fair Aggie. We needed a segue scene to relay some info to Eliza without her meeting her beau and one night, I dreamt up (literally) the scene. I had a dream and wrote a scene with the messenger and presented it to the director. She liked it and I transformed into a flaming pouffter. My mom had made this mauve and lavender suit for my brother a few years back (in the early 70's fashion was a little outre), add a beret and a scarf and voila-instant queen.

The dialogue from memory was as follows:
Messenger: Telegram. Telegram for Miss Eliza Justalittle.
Rosie: Here I'll take that. (She then stuffs the letter into her bosom.)
Messenger: Well, I never. (haughtily thrusting my nose up.)
Rosie: I'm sure you haven't, but I bet you wish you could.

Not very politically correct, but it was 25 years ago and boy did it get a good laugh from the audience. Years later, I was working at a Marketing Firm and was casually chatting with a fellow employee. She mentioned that her boyfriend went to Guelph and I asked her to find out if he'd ever seen a Curtain Call. The next day she told me, that he remembers me quite vividly for his roommate developed a crush on me and followed me around the campus for quite awhile. Until he discovered that I was straight...I had broken my first heart.

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