Wrestling with the Government.

I love this story. 村川 政徳 or Masanori Murakawa, born July 18, 1969, is a Japanese professional wrestler who is better known by his stage name The Great Sasuke. What strikes me as amusing though is the fact that he has run and won 4 times for the General Assembly in his home town of Iwaki. This is not so surprising he's the fourth wrestler to successfully gain office in Japan), but that he continues to wear his mask during meetings and public appearances is hilarious. "This is my face," he declared. "I have no intention of taking the mask off."

As a wrestler, he is said to have an incredible tolerance for pain. His trademark finishing move is the "Thunder Fire Powerbomb" (also known as the "Canadian backbreaker rack"). I'm pretty sure this will come in handy when he runs for Governor in the forthcoming election.

Eat your heart out, Jesse Ventura!

(Personal aside 1: I was in this movie as one of hundreds of "wrestling fans" extras. Personal aside 2: While walking down Klis Road in Sendai one afternoon, I met The Great Sasuke in fully masked regale, signing autographs.)

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